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    Girls & Bikes

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      This digital project by Paris-based photographer Thierry Cohen is an imaginative tale about how urban landscapes might appear if we turned out all of the lights. In a big city glowing with street lamps, store signs, car headlights, and rows of illuminated apartment buildings, it’s almost impossible to see the stars in the sky. One project review says, “Atmospheric and light pollution combine to make looking into the urban sky like looking past bright headlights while driving.”

      To bring a sense of nature back into these environments, Cohen has taken a bit of a scientific approach. He travels to places free from light pollution and captures the skies that rotate on the same axis as the urban skylines. Those same skies that were at some point visible above the cities are then superimposed into the darkened cityscapes.

      The result is Darkened Cities, Cohen’s project in which cold, dark, and desolate cityscapes sit below these atmospheric wonders overhead. In a sense, Cohen is bringing a forgotten nature back into these places. His darkened landscapes are a frightening visual of what it might look like if a city had to be completely shut down. His images are a reminder of the magical beauty of nature and through this project, he encourages viewers to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to appreciate—most importantly, not take for granted—the natural world around us.



      Beautiful art with starry night.

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L’Infinito is available as art prints and canvas at Society6 :)


        L’Infinito is available as art prints and canvas at Society6 :)

          Thomas Barbey

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            To The Distance

            Photographer Mikko Lagerstedt first taught himself to use a camera in 2008 and has since fallen in love with the medium, having captured hundreds of dreamlike images of the Finnish landscape he calls home. 

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              Eric Cahan - Sky Series (NY Sunset) | on Tumblr

              Click on each image to see the time and location.

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                  Ontario, Canada-based photographer Matt Molloy recently created a gorgeous series of sky images by stacking multiple photos onto one. The individual photos are most often taken from the timelapses he shoots. The final photo has a stunning painterly effect, almost as if someone had taken a paintbrush to the sky and smeared its beautiful colors.

                  When asked at 500px how many photos it took to create the one seen above, he replied, “I’m not exactly sure, but I used hundreds of photos to create this one image.”


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                      Matthew Crawford, in his bestselling book Shop Class as Soulcraft points out the difference between artists, craftspeople and tradepersons. He also explains that there are aspects of each in all three. Most custom frame builders would align themselves with the latter two of those categories, but one who is proud of his artistry is Ed Foster of Tucson’s La Suprema.

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                          3D Geometric Photography by David Copithorne [on tumblr]

                          Shot entirely in Brazil the photographer David Copithorne combines traditional film photography with digital manipulation. By layering geometric shapes over Brazilian landscapes David is able to warp and distort the image, almost as if a virtual magnifying glass was placed on top of a photo.

                          “My motivation and dedication is to capture these amazing scenes that are not perceived by nonprofessional eyes”

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Milky Way above Annapurna  |  Ivan Kozorezov


                            Milky Way above Annapurna  |  Ivan Kozorezov


RIP, The first photographer on the Moon


                              RIP, The first photographer on the Moon

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